Enjoy the rush of Wagga’s amazing 9D Virtual Reality Egg Simulator and enjoy the fun and immersive world of Virtual Reality. Literally be transported to a another time and place!

Wagga Bowl’s cutting edge ride supports Advanced technology using VR Headsets with 180-360 degree head tracking as well as High resolution graphics for movies, rides, and interactive games!

The Egg simulator operates on a unique moving platform, with inbuilt surround sound, giving you a heightened experience, unlike anything else you will find! Experience adrenaline filled car racing, extreme sports, loop upside down on a roller coaster, or see if you can last the adrenaline of the Topple Tower Gyro Swing. Whatever your preference, enjoy the heightened realism of the 9DVR egg Ride Experience today! Call now on 02 69719410 or email info@waggabowl.com.au to book a ride today. Please note that Safety Terms and Conditions of use of 9D VR Egg Simulator will apply. Participants must be 10yrs or older to enjoy this ride. Children under the age of 16 years will require Parental Consent. 

9D Virtual Reality Ride Prices

1  RIDE $8 / 2 Rides $14 / 3 Rides $20 / 4 $25

Prices are per person per ride.



Grab yourself a great deal with our 9D-VR Multipass and get the 5TH RIDE FREE! This offer is only available when you purchase this multipass at Wagga Bowl. Use this in one big hit or over time! With so many rides and games to try, they make a great gift! Call in and see one of the staff members to buy one Today!  


These convenient single ride passes are a great little gift to those who love games, movies, adrenaline rides, and anything techy! Head in to Wagga Bowl to pinch one up Today!



What is VR?

'VR' stands for Virtual Reality. It artificially creates a sensory experience with sight, touch, and hearing. It is designed to create a life like experience using cutting edge software and gear to simulate a computer generated environment. Our VR Headsets are like giant goggles to wear over your eyes which will provide a 3D visual experience with 180° or 360° views using head motion tracking. This is coupled with our capsule to provide movement, surround sound, and touch which creates a more life like sensory experience. 

How long does each ride go for?

Each Ride goes for varying lengths from 3 minutes - 6 minutes. Although it doesn't sound like a long time, in 9D-VR time it's plenty! 360° VR Rides will go for a shorter duration due to the intensity of the experience. Try our Topple Tower for the most extreme experience and see how long you can last!