Introducing the newest addition to Wagga Bowl's VR-ARCADE


Welcome to the arena... VIRTUIX OMNI ARENA!

The Virtuix Omni Arena™ is the first-of-its-kind, ACTIVE virtual reality (VR) system that deeply immerses you in VR whilst being able to stand up and walk around in the virtual world.

Virtuix Omni has designed the first VR treadmill and active harness, which allows your RUN, CROUCH and JUMP in real time, and at FULL SPEED (walking and running) whilst being immersed in Virtual Reality. This harness technology means that you can rotate your head and body 360 degrees, allowing players to experience full freedom of movement in the virtual worlds.  This means full immersion all whilst remaining safe and not getting hurt. Keep fit with ACTIVE VR- Try Wearing your personal Fitness tracker whilst immersed in and let these contribute to your daily ‘step count, and/or calorie burning efforts !!

Walking and running in virtual reality creates an incredible sense if immersion that cannot be experienced sitting down! OMNI integrates HTC Vive headsets, coupled with real-time motion sensor tracking for the ultimate gaming experience.

OMNI offers 1 PLAYER or 2 PLAYER options, so why not battle your mates in the OMNI ARENA!



  • School Holidays are regarded as ON-PEAK. Some specials available through your MOVIE & BOWL Ticket Purchase.

Looking for a great Gift?? 
Bulk 4 x 10 minute sessions $45

* 1 MISSION= Approx 10 minutes

Price includes, shoes, harness, tutorial and warm up time! - GAME ON

Contact us to book any large groups!

Prices are per person

Terms & Conditions: Persons under the age of 10 years are not permitted on the Virtuix Omni. Those 16 years & under (less than 115cm height) must be accompanied by a parental guardian. At any time you you wish to stop your gaming session you will not be reimbursed or refunded. Please see our Safety Rules + Requirements and our FAQ's to learn more.


What is Virtual Reality (VR)?
Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation that immerses you with video, sound, and even haptics (touch).  VR experiences can be educational or purely for entertainment, like gaming.  

I am not a Gamer, and this is my first time using VR,  Is the Virtuix Omni™ for me?
Absolutely!!  If you enjoy film, music, or gaming, VR is for you.  The VR experiences we offer include not only gaming but also immersive experiences that allow you to transport yourself into movies, new environments, and other planets.  Because here at Wagga Bowl, we offer both Seated VR (9DVR egg simulators) and Active VR (OMNI VIRTUIX) experiences, no matter your experience or fitness level, The Wagga Bowling & Entertainment Centre has an experience you will love! 

Why do I need to wear the Omni™ Shoes?
These shoes are a safety requirement, and allow you to move safely whilst using the Virtuix Omni system. The other benefits of this footwear, is that it enables you to Track your whole body's movements in real time. Users can wear specially designed Omni™ Shoes with low friction sole and state of the art sensor tracking pods and which.  This is the first technology of it kind.

Why must I wear the harness?
This harness technology means that you can rotate your head and body 360 degrees. This allows the players to experience full freedom of movement in the virtual worlds, and as a result of that experience full immersion all whilst remaining safe and not getting hurt.  This is a safety requirement.

What are the minimum age requirements?
Wagga Bowl specifies, that children under the age of 10 not use device.
Adults/guardians should monitor children between under the age of 16 years, who are using, have used, and/or have never used, the Virtuix Omni experience. A waiver must be signed prior to using the Virtuix Omni (valid for 12 months).

Are there any height or weight restrictions?
The Virtuix Omni™ technology has very strict safety recommendations to ensure the safety and well-being of its users is protected. The Active Omni from Virtuix, will support players from 115cm (3'10" *must be accompanied by adult) to 195 cm (6'5") and up to 125 kg/287 lbs (If you fall outside of those limits, then we still have an experience for you with Room Scale VR stations.

I have been told that I might experience some dizziness or disorientation…?
Virtual reality sickness occurs when exposure to a virtual reality causes symptoms that are similar to motion sickness symptoms. Virtuix Omni™ incorporates cutting edge HTC Vive and computer technology, which reduces motion, related side effects. The most common symptoms are general discomfort, headache, stomach awareness, nausea, vomiting, pallor, sweating, fatigue, drowsiness, disorientation, and apathy.  Virtual reality sickness is different from motion sickness in that it can be caused by the visually-induced ‘perception’ of self-motion. Please refer to our 'Safety Rules and Requirements' section for more information.

 I heard that Omni Virtuix is Great for Fitness?
Omni is such a fun and active activity, so why not couple your FITNESS and FUN together. Try Wearing your personal Fitness tracker whilst immersed in Active VR and let these contribute to your daily ‘step count, and/or calorie burning efforts !!

What is ROOM SCALE Virtual Reality?
Room scale VR has you standing in a space that is at least 6' x 6' with a headset and VR accessories (wands, weapons, etc.) and allows you to freely move around in that space to explore your VR universe.  Even though you are immersed in the virtual world, the VR system visually shows you the real-world boundaries, so you don't run into a wall, or a physical obstacle.   

Can I make a group booking?
Yes you can, for all group bookings , Call Wagga Bowl on 69719410 today.  Group bookings can be made Monday to Sunday (Please refer to our trading times).

First time using OMNIVERSE VIRTUIX™?  
No worries... We do our very best to create a fun and safe atmosphere ... we just need you to take a moment to read and sign our waiver.   You can complete this either in-centre via our waiver kiosk (please ask staff for further information) or organise your trip and complete our online safety waiver before you even arrive!

 You must read through out Safety Rules and Conditions and sign the waiver prior to using the Omni Virtuix experience.

 Please Watch the Omniverse User Video (encouraged) located online above and in-centre.